"What would life be like if you aren’t allowed to dream?" - Sandra Gambino

Sandra Gambino was born in Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany. Since she was a little girl, Music has played a very important role in her life. In 2004, she began to work on her first songs that she produced herself at home. In the following years, she released many of her Songs and experimented with working in various Music genres. In 2012, she began working with Producer Steffen Köntopp on her First Debut Album “Circle of Love”. Currently she’s working with the Multi-Award-Winning Producer Jens Gad on two new Songs "Whitout You" and "Stay with me". Jens produces Music for many Artists and was previously co-Producer for the Music Project “Enigma” with Michael Cretu. Jens also works with singer Sandra Cretu.


When she’s not in the recording Studio, she spends most of her time in Nature. She loves nature and all of its beauty. Sandra especially enjoys walks on the Beach as well as in Forests and Valleys. She considers herself a very romantic person and a little dreamer. “What would life be like if you aren’t allowed to dream?”, Sandra likes to ask. She has many other interests outside of her music and is always open to exploring new adventures. Regardless of what she is working on, she always pursues her goals with a lot of heart.

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